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Pierre Marec

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Pierre Marec (31 March 1759 - 23 January 1828), French politician, revolutionist and member of the National Convention and Legislative Assembly, authentic, autographed document (DS). This one page letter measures approximately 6" x 7" in size and is dated October 13, 1795. 

The documet is presented on the Committee of Public Safety letterhead. It is addressed to the Citizen Agent in charge of military provisions, who had been given a letter of their colleague, Charles La Croix. It states that the agent is to pay closest attention so that they can be assured that the service which La Croix requests is being performed. 

At the outset of the French Revolution, Marec was a Control Manager at the Port of Brest. in 1791, he became a member of the Legislative Assembly and later a member of the National Convention. 

At the trial of King Louis XVI, Marec voted to not execute the King. Rather, he opted in favor of imprisonment. 

Marec went on to serve on several finance committees, often speaking of commercial matters. He also partook in the release of the Duchess of Orleans, the Prince de Conti, as well as several others. 

This untranslated, one page document is crisply signed at the conclusion by Marec. It is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning not affecting the signature. There are scattered creases and expected intersecting folds. 

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