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Bon-Adrien Jeannot de Moncey, 1st Duke of Conegliano

Autographed Letter


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Bon-Adrien Jeannot de Moncey, 1st Duke of Conegliano (31 July 1754 - 20 April 1842), French soldier, authentic, autographed manuscript letter (LS). This one page letter, measures approximately 8" x 12" in size and is dated July 25, 1810. 

In 1791, Moncey, then a Captain within the ranks of the French Army, embraced the principles of the French Revolution and won great distinction along the Spanish frontier furing the campaigns of 1793 and 1794. The prominent soldier is also well known for leading a corps from Switzerland into Italy during Napoleon's Italian campaign of 1800.

Moncey held several distinctions, including that of 1st Baron of Conegliano, Peer of France (1754-1842) and Marshal of France.

During Napoleon's Hundred Days, he remained neutral but secretly supported King Louis XVIII.

This untranslated document is crisply signed by Moncey. It is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning not affecting the signature. The document contains some scattered creases, small tears and expected interesecting folds. More significantly, the bottom margin is slightly frayed and there is a tear in the middle seam along the right hand side.

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