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Felix Julien Jean Bigot de Preameneu

Autographed Letter


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Felix Julien Jean Bigot de Preameneu (26 March 1747 - 31 July 1825), French statesman, authentic, autographed signed annotated letter (ALS). The one page letter is approximately 7" x 9" in size and is dated July 27, 1806. The stationery bears a handsome woodcut.

In 1793, Preameneu was elected to the Legislative Assembly but had to hide himself during the Reign of Terror. He is most remembered for being one of four jurist authors of the Napoleonic Code.

In 1803  he was elected to the French Academy and in 1808 he became Minister of Religious Affairs.

This untranslated document is crisply signed by Preameneu at the conclusion. It is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning not affecting the signature. There are some scattered creases and expected intersecting folds.

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