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Laure Junot

Autographed Letter


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Laure Junot (6 November 1784 - 7 june 1838), French writer and Duchess of Abrantes, authentic, autographed annotated letter (ALS). The one page letter is approximately 7" x 9" in size and is dated June 7, 1807.

Included with this letter is a charming steal engraved print, in color, of Junot approximately 6" x 9" in size and is in good to very good condition. The print is also affixed to a larger piece of paper.

In the letter, Duchess Junot addresses an unknown correspondent. She asks for a favor in recommending a Mr. Rinderhagen, a brave officer who had lost his right arm when fighting for his country. She adds that she can never forget the kindness and help she had received on some previous occassion from the correspondent. She will always be at his service in any way that she can be in order to repay him.

Junot was the wife of Napoleon's General, Jean-Andoche Junot, and was an author. She wrote her memoirs and also about the life of Marie Antoinette. She was also well known for extravagant entertaining.

This untranslated document is crisply signed by Junot at the conclusion. It is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning not affecting the signature. There are some scattered creases and expected intersecting folds.

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