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Bulletin of the Grand Army

Vintage Document


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Official printed bulletin of the French Grand Army, authentic, document. This four page document is approximately 8" x 9"  in size and is dated circa 1807. It contains very interesting details. These official bulletins were widely spread to the French citizenry informing them of important battles of the French Army as well as other military and political news.

The first page of the bulletin is headlined "Official details COntaining the Results of the Session of the Senat-Conservateur". The printing house of this bulletin in unknown.

In this bulletin, the pages are mainly devoted to letters written by Talleyrand to Napoleon denouncing England and its actions. Also reported is a motion made in the Senate for the calling of 80,000 conscripts in 1807.

This untranslated, printed document is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning not affecting any of the wording. The pages are held together at the left margin affixed to a stock piece of paper.

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