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Lucien Bonaparte

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Lucien Bonaparte (21 May 1775 - 29 June 1840), 1st Prince of Canino and Musignano and Minister of the Interior fifteen page printed booklet. Booklet measures approximately 6" x 9" in size and is dated September 23, 1800.

This printed booklet is an excerpt from the "Discours Prononce Dans Le Temple De Mars" par L. Bonaparte, Minister of the Interior.

Lucien Bonaparte had revolutionary views of the state of France which often times led to an adrasive relationship with his brother, Napoleon. Lucien was only 24 when his brother siezed control of the French government in 1799. In fact, in 1810, Napoleon exiled him for opposing his policies.  Lucien was also captured by the English on his way to the Americas and held as a political prisoner in England.

As Minister of the Interior, he falsified the results of votes, which brought him into competition with Joseph Fouche, the Chief of Police. Fouche showed Napoleon a subversive pamphlet written by lucien, and the brothers fell into disagreement. Lucien was hten sent to Spain where his talents as a diplomat won over the Bourbon royal family.

It is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning. There are some scattered creases and irregular tearing along edges. There is also remnents of previous mounting along the left hand margin.

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