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Claude Victor-Perrin, Duc de Belluno

Vintage Letter


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Claude Victor-Perrin, Duc de Belluno (7 December 1764 - 1 March 1841), French soldier and military commander, authentic, autographed letter (LS). This one page letter is dated March 23, 1804 and measures approximately 8" x 9" in size.

The letter is addressed to Joseph Bonaparte, the elder brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. In the letter, Perrin discusses some personal matters and also mentions the First Consul (Napoleon). The letter is signed "Victor".

Victor-Perrin was a French soldier and military commander during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. He was made a Marshal of France by Napoleon in 1807.

In 1802 he was Governor of the colony of Louisiana and Commanderof the Batavian Army. After, he acted for 18 months as French plenipotentiary at Copenhagen, where he commanded the I Corps for which Napoleon made him Marshal. After the Peace of Tilsit, he became Governor of Berlin and later named Duke of Belluno.

This one page, untranslated letter is crisply signed by Victor-Perrin at the conclusion. It is in good to very good condition, with overall light toning not affecting the signature. The document contains expected intersecting folds and a slightly frayed left margin.

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